Field Survey

The Field Survey is a process of collecting data points that will represent the existing surface elevation of a field. The data collection is performed using Topcon Positioning Systems high accuracy RTK GPS receivers and AgForm 3D survey and design software.

The data point record interval can be set to a 1 foot interval or greater and is usually performed on a 100 foot swath width . The record interval is based off the amount of data that we feel needs to be collected. We make this decision by doing a quick visual scan of the field. The normal interval used is 25 feet for a random or grid survey. It is not unusual to have collected over 1000 data points in a 50 acre field.

To begin, a survey perimeter is formed by driving around the field to define the field boElevation Contour Mapundry. Once the survey perimeter has been defined we must remain inside it while collecting data points. The data inside the perimeter is collected on a random or grid format. A random survey gives us the ability to collect data points at any location in the field such as the peak of a hill, low of a drain or a perimeter that is not straight. This will result in a more accurate interpolation of the field surface resulting in a more precise cost estimate. A grid survey gives us the ability to quickly do a preliminary survey for a customer that needs a cost estimate quick or a potential land buyer who may need a cost estimate. The grid survey can be performed on any swath width requested but 200 feet is the normal swath width used.

Once the data collection is complete we will then use the AgForm 3D software to design the field and determine the amount of material to be excavated.

The data collection equipment can easily be moving from one form of transportation to another in a matter of minutes to compensate for adverse soil or weather conditions if needed. Our survey vehicles are a Ford F150 truck, Honda ATV, Kubota RTV and range pole.

Please contact us for and estimate on the cost to improve your field.