Field Stakeout

The Field stakeout is the process of staking and flagging precisely marked locations in the field that will be used as reference points for setting design grades, marking field section lines and to measure benchmarks used to assure that the Millimeter Laser Transmitter is properly calibrated. This is done using Topcon high accuracy RTK GPS receivers and the AgForm 3-D survey and design software.

Upon finalization of the field design with the customer the field stakeout will be done by following the GPS guidance provided by the GPS receivers and AgForm 3D. The design grade of the field is set by recording benchmarks, or by locating topo points that were recorded during the data collection process. The benchmark method is the more accurate of the two because benchmarks are recorded while the data collection vehicle is stationary and averaged over a one minute period while the located data point was recorded with the data collection vehicle on the move.

 This is done to assure that the calibration of the Millimeter Laser Transmitter is correct during the field leveling process and that the optimum accuracy of the Millimeter Laser Transmitter is achieved.

If the field design has multiple sections then sections lines will be located and staked so we will have visible land marks for each field section.

After performing this procedure the Millimeter GPS machine control equipment will now be ready to being the field leveling process.