Field Leveling

The Field leveling process is done using Topcon Positioning Systems Millimeter GPS machine control that combines the advantages of a laser and GPS into one versatile and easy to use system.

The advantages of using Millimeter GPS over a traditional planer laser are we can design and level a planer or non planer surface (aka) Piecewise Continuous Surface (PWCS surface).  A planer surface is used when the project is being leveled for rice and a flat or mild sloping plane is needed.  A non planer surface is used when drainage is needed down the row of the field and the slope can vary to minimize the cut and fill of valuable top soil.  A traditional  laser is not capable of this.

We begin by setting the Topcon Millimeter Laser Transmitter up in the center of the project to be leveled.  If the distance to the corners of the project are greater than 1000 feet from the center then multiple Millimeter Laser Transmitters are required.  We can link up to four Millimeter Laser Transmitters for use on large sites to cover a distance of nearly 8000ft with elevation changes of over 130ft with no interference between the four Millimeter Laser Transmitters!

The Millimeter GPS system is up to 75% more accurate than a standard RTK GPS system. WithTopcon Millimeter GPS Laser Zone Millimeter GPS we can maintain an accuracy of 6 mm or less while a standard RTK GPS system will have an accuracy of 2 cm or less.  The Millimeter Laser Transmitter operates similar to a standard rotating laser, but Instead of a traditional flat plane it transmits a signal of light that fans up and down to provide a measuring area of 33ft in height while providing a working range of 1000 feet in Radius!  With this technology we no longer need to stop and reposition our laser for a pad, tail ditch or to work in an adjacent field. 

With the Millimeter Laser Transmitter, multiple rovers can use with the same transmitter, even at different elevations and different slopes.

The next step is to setup a GPS base station which is required to give the Millimeter GPS machine control system a horizontal position in the field and also takes over control of the elevation if the Millimeter GPS machine control system exceeds the 1000 foot radius of the Millimeter Laser Transmitter.

Once the Millimeter Laser Transmitter and GPS base station have been placed in their proper positions and the proper design elevation has been verified using the Millimeter GPS sensor it is then time to transfer the project design file from the field design computer to the Millimeter GPS machine control systems that will be leveling the project. 

After the data is transferred the operator is ready to start leveling the project.  We are careful to begin in an area of the field to allow for proper drainage in the event of rain before we finish.  The operator will monitor his machine control system which indicates when the design elevation has been achieved for that area in the field and continues this process until the entire field has been leveled to the proper design elevation.

Once the field has been leveled the field is resurveyed with AgForm 3D to insure that the proper design elevation has been achieved.

The result is we can be more efficient by having less down time waiting for grades to be set with traditional methods. And with our experience and technology the customer can rest assured that the project will be completed in timely manner.