Field Design

The Field Designs are done using the Topcon Positioning Systems, AgForm 3-D office software. This software provides a full-featured environment for efficiently viewing, processing, manipulating, and printing the field designs created. The software also has the ability to perform a best fit design, single plane design or a multi plane design  . These designs are planer designs used for precision land leveling  meaning there are no grade breaks. Although a best fit design is seldom used as the final design, it is an excellent place to start with the field design process to get an idea of how the field may layout. AgForm 3-D can do a single section design or a multi section design if the field needs to be divided.

Dividing a field into multiple sections is done to reduce cubic yards of dirt and to reduce field acreage of a planer or non planer design.

We are also experienced in row fall work, also known as row irrigation or high dobbing, if you are only interested in making water run down the row. This can result in up to a 50% savings over a precision leveled field with a planer surface and save valuable top soil. To achievePWCS Profile Map this result, AgForm 3D has a design feature called piecewise continuous surface (PWCS) that allows the software to find the optimum design surface by entering a minimum and maximum row and cross slope constraint. By entering a minimum and maximum constraint, it gives the software the ability to design a variable row slope and cross row slope that is within the constraints entered, which results in a much lower volume of material than a typical planer design. The image above gives a profile view of the existing surface and the PWCS design surface down a single row. The green line is the existing surface of the field and the white line is the PWCS design surface.  To view a larger image of the design surface just click the image.

The software offers a full range of printing capabilities including a cut sheet contour map, cut sheet grid map, elevation contour map, and the design summary. Field Designs can be performed in the field with all the maps and summary's available for printing when the design is finalized or in the office with the ability to print or e-mail final designs to the customer in a PDF format. Then the customer can view and printout the designs from their own printer. The e-mailing of PDF designs are an excellent option when last minute revisions are required.