We can help you produce higher yields by getting you into the field earlier and by ensuring proper drainage of your fields. Our experience and technology will guarantee that you get the results you desire when harvest arrives.

We achieve this by utilizing Topcon Positioning Systems GNSS Satellite technology that is Real Time Kinematic (RTK) to collect elevation data that has a vertical accuracy of 1-2 cm along with AgForm 3D data collection and design software to ensure the most Precision Leveled Rice Fieldaccurate cost estimate available. This technology will also help to minimize the amount of "Cut" (the amount of soil removed from the natural contour of the land) done in a field which helps maintain valuable top soil in areas that already have high productivity. We ensure that the job is completed correctly by using  the Topcon Millimeter GPS machine control system that has an vertical accuracy of 6 mm. The millimeter GPS has the ability to do a planer slope or a non planer slope if required.  Couple this with  the advanced electric over hydraulic system of the Case IH - Steiger 600 and you have a highly accurate leveling system.

 The benefits of this technology are that our customers get into the field earlier because of improved drainage which results in faster drying time. This allows the farmer to get the crop planted on time resulting in higher yields.

Whether it is precision land leveling or row fall work, please contact us. We are sure that we can meet all your needs.