About Bader Land Leveling

Hi, my name is David Bader and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about our company. Bader Land Leveling, Inc. was formed in 1981 and is owned and operated by Frank Bader, Michael Bader, and myself. We are based out of Bastrop, Louisiana and are a provider of precision land leveling, row fall land leveling and construction site work to land owners, business's and contractors across the United States.

We originate from a small community in southeast Missouri named Poplar Bluff. In the late 1970's Frank decided that farming was something that was not going to work out for him so he decided that he should look for other ways to earn his living. So in 1980 while keeping the farm and equipment he rented the farm to his long time friend Bud Baxter and begin to look for other opportunities. First he opened a service station on the Missouri state line and operated it for about a year. Knowing that the service station was only a short term solution he was hoping that another opportunity would present itself. Franks long time friend Stanley Welty also from Missouri had traveled to Mer Rouge, LA to look for land leveling projects he had heard about while at home. While in Mer Rouge Stanley was able to secure work and moved his equipment from Missouri to Louisiana and begin leveling land. After a short time Stanley approached Frank with the idea of forming a partnership and coming to Louisiana and leveling land also. After some consideration Frank decided that the opportunity was worthwhile. In 1981 Frank took his farm equipment he had kept from the farming operation and traded it for a new PTA 270 Steiger tractor with 2 new Reynolds scrapers, a 10c and 12p and moved to Louisiana. Today We still live in Louisiana and after 32 years our business has been successful and still growing.

We would also like to recognize our operators. We realize that much of our success is due to them having the experience and skills needed to complete the job correctly while taking great pride in their work. They have played a major role in the success of our business and we are blessed to have them.


Louie Smith: 38 years experience

Aaron Felts: 37 years experience

Jerry Kester: 32 years experience

Phillip Bader: 7 years experience

Jonathon Bader: 4 year experience

After reviewing the site, if there is a service that Bader Land Leveling can perform for you or your company, please contact us by the methods provided in the link and we will be glad to talk over the phone or schedule a meeting to talk in person to answer any questions regarding our services.