Put our precision land leveling experience to work for you!

With 31 years experience and the latest technology in GNSS machine control, Bader Land Leveling will provide the customer with the results they need for their farm. The benefits of our experience and technology are that the customer gets on to the farm earlier because of improved field drainage which results in faster drying time. This allows the customer to get the crop planted on time resulting in higher yields at harvest.

We utilize the Case IH - Steiger 600 four wheel drive tractor along with the John Deere 1812C pivot scraper, Reynolds 16 LSE ejector scraper and Crabtree 25E ejector scraper. The Steiger 600 has a 600 horse power Iveco engine with a 16 speed power shift transmission. The hydraulic system is electric over hydraulic which allows for very precise control over the scraper when land leveling with the Topcon Millimeter GPS machine control system. The John Deer 1812C scraper has an eighteen yard capacity for material with higher than average ground clearance and industrial grade tires that provide excellent floatation in soft ground conditions. The Reynolds 16 LSE ejector has a 16 yard capacity, and a 16 foot cutting blade with an ejector door that allows for very precise control of the material that is in the scraper.  The Crabtree 25E ejector has a 25 yard capacity, with a 16 foot cutting blade and a gated ejector, so it can be used for hauling and finishing the material.

With five Case IH - Steiger 600 tractors, eight John Deer scrapers, one Reynolds finishing scrapers and one Crabtree carryall finishing scraper, Bader Land Leveling can utilize on site dirt quickly while minimizing soil compaction during the land grading process or maximizing soil compaction during the construction process.

The end result of our experience and technology is that the customer will spend less time, labor, and materials while achieving high yields at harvest due to the improvements made to their field.

Whether your needs are precision land leveling for agriculture or precision site work for construction, please take a look at the rest of our site to learn more about our company.